Cardinal fledgling

July 18, 2018

Spring/summer is such a wonderful time to watch and  listen to the male birds singing their heart out in search of a partner.  Topped off  by enjoying  the fruits of their activity as the baby birds arrive at my feeders.  At first the babies flap their wings and open their beaks begging  to be fed, but  eventually,  and many times  when they are about the same size as the parent, they finally start feeding themselves.

I can’t be sure these are the same cardinal fledgling  but I had numerous  daily visits and could see them  grow, fatten up  and  transform  into the adult version  .

Human’s are not the only species that can have a  a colic.    : )

This fledgling  finch kept begging the juvenile cardinal to feed her…….

and the cardinal finally did!

Starlings  are a nuisance bird , but they are cute when a fledgling.

This fledgling is flapping her wings begging for food.

Juvenile starling with my watering can ghost in the back ground.

This  juvenile blue jay still has her “baby face”.

Hope you enjoyed the baby bird parade!

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GARDEN OF GLASS at the Missouri Botanical Gardens 2017

July 17, 2017

The Garden of Glass show ends  at the Missouri Botanical Gardens  on  August 13, 2017.   Craig Mitchell  is a fused-glass  artist, and while in my opinion he is not a Chihuly,  most of the pieces are eye-catching and more than 24 displays  can  be seen for a small entry fee.   All but 3 of the displays are located  in  the  Climatron , fitting nicely into the existing beauty.

Here’s a sampling of  Mitchell’s work along with some of the live plants at the Gardens…….

Water Lilly ( live)

The Phoenix

Glass poppies of all colors  could be were found popping  up in every nook and cranny.

Live flowers…

with their glass counterpart.

Abundant live dragon flies enjoyed  the waterlilies in front of the Climatron.

The Dance of the (glass) Dragon Flies

Love these crazy looking  ( live) orchids!

Bird’s Nest(s) filled one of the Climatron  trees.

Don’t miss this display in the Cactus house.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Red Headed Woodpecker

July 7, 2017

An enjoyable weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks this past weekend also allowed me some time for birding.   My most excited sighting was the Red Headed Woodpecker, which I have only seen in rare occasions and never this close up.   Such a beautiful woodpecker but also very quick, so the photos I succeeded in getting were patiently  earned!

The Downy Woodpecker is always a favorite, and yes, they  love  hummingbird nectar!

The Tufted Titmouse visits to the feeders  were  plentiful but I also  spied this one  perching in the tree near me.

The nuthatch are little piggies and  were at the feeders almost non stop.

Gotta love it when you can witness a baby finch being fed.

During  an adventurous  paddle boat ride, mama  and baby turtle were  found sunning themselves.  However, on a closer approach, mama wasted no time  diving in the water with baby not far behind…

Birds of all sizes came be seen at the lake…..

Hope you enjoyed cyber birding!

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June 26, 2017

The Mimidae family of birds includes the mockingbird,  catbird and the brown thrasher.  They are known for their song and  their mimicking sounds.

Early  this month,  a brown thrasher dined at  my backyard  suet feeder and would also   forage on the ground.   Soon there were two.   Then later this month,  there were four,  two of them  obvious  fledglings  being fed by mom and/or dad.      At first, I  confused them with the  wood thrush but the  thrasher’s yellow eyes are  a distinctive giveaway.   Here are some photos of the brown thrasher family…..

This photo, and the next two,  still  show some of the downy-like feathers of the fledglings.

Hope you enjoyed!!

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May 17, 2017

The peonies, iris and my new favorite onion – the ornamental  Allium Pink Jewel are all in bloom at the Missouri Botanical Gardens!

The onions are  not edible – just in case you wondered.






Last of the Azaleas

I am guessing these are chrysanthemums ?

ornamental onions

as it buds out

Allium Pink Jewel

Lots of bees!!!!

Who ever thought an onion  plant could be so beautiful?

Mountain Laurel bush

Mountain Laurel bush

Bird of the day – I found a  fountain I have never seen before hidden near the ornamental onions!

Hope you enjoyed!

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White Crowned Sparrow

May 11, 2017

The newest of my  backyard  feathered  visitors are  the White Crowned Sparrow.  They  are  usually a ground feeder, but after foraging at the bottom of my feeders,  they have  caught on that the food supply is more plentiful  at  a higher altitude.   I have counted as many as 7 at one time feasting and perching about the yard.

The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak ( male)  is  still a daily  visitor, along with his female counterpart………

The female grosbeak.

Lucky shot to  have caught  her during take off.

This robin fledgling was perched on my patio chair and chirping loudly for mom or dad to bring food.

In the clearing after a rain shower, this tufted titmouse came in for a moment of rest and seed.

The Downey Woodpeckers  frequently  quench their thirst  with hummingbird nectar.

Not sure who this little disheveled fellow is but he sure won my heart.

Hope you enjoyed!

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As winter changes to spring….

May 7, 2017

Here is a glimpse of  the beginning of spring at the Missouri Botanical Gardens  from this past April…


Hope you enjoyed!


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