The Paddy Wagon

Okay – I know it looks like they are locked up in  paddy wagons… and in a way they are.  My two darling Yorkies are  a noisy mess when  walking  them in  Florida  vacation neighborhood. So,  I’m finally embarrassed enough that I lock them up, cart them away  from the neighborhood and walk them where nobody knows us.

How bad are they, you ask?  Well, they bark at anyone who is  also taking a walk and stops to chat . They bark  at anyone  who is  also walking their own dog – even if that dog isn’t the least bit interested in us.  They bark  at ( and want to chase)  any  birds they see and here in Florida most of the birds are bigger than my dogs. And  they really go crazy barking at anyone riding a bike.  I  will say though they do not bark at  any of the cats in the neighborhood . They  do  stop with feet planted  solidly to the ground  and eye them up very curiously however.  So for being so little – Tootsie is  7 pounds and Daisy is  11 pounds – they make up for it in attitude.

Thus I had to resort to the paddy wagon ride to  a barkless walk in no man’s land .  For me its , now,  a nice peaceful walk and to them – well, they now love to go ” for a ride” and a walk.

The may look innocent but don’t let them fool you!!



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