Santa Fe, New Mexico 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Next Stop after balloons – Santa Fe !!

Santa Fe is a wonderful place to be, with its adobe buildings, sagebrush vegetation, Mexican cuisine, beautiful old churches, art galleries, and shopping (especially for jewelry and southwest theme items). After the  Balloon Festival  I drove (1 hour) to Santa Fe from Albuquerque to stay for a couple of days at the tranquil (and I highly recommend)  St Francis Hotel,  conveniently located  in the heart of the Historic Plaza Square area. The Plaza area is always  a fun place to stroll.  I am  enjoying every aspect of this city and I even tried something brand new – a Blue Corn Tortilla Pancake. Yes, it was blue and it was great! I  also especially like to stroll with my camera and look for  those perfect “Santa Fe” shots….


Beaautiful Old Movie Theater, now Performing Arts Building.
Close up of the intricate work on top.
Its good luck to hang your chilis by the door. 

Final Day at the Balloon Festival , New Mexico 2011



Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a wonderful sight to see – hundreds of hot air balloons taking flight and  then drifting across the blue sky with New Mexico’s snow capped  Sandia  Mountains as the backdrop. Unless you were there – nothing  can begin to describe it any better than some photos…………
This afternoon, I head for Santa Fe….
Time flies….

2nd Day at the Balloon Festival, New Mexico

Friday, October 7, 2011


Wellllll…… evidently Albuquerque was in a severe drought until I came to visit…….. I arrived Wednesday, Thursday it sprinkled, and today, Friday, it has rained mostly all day.   Actually, in the mountains of  Albuquerque, it even snowed!  So only  for about an hour this morning , did a few  Balloons inflate and tether the field,  but none took flight.  So what did I do with the rest of my day?  I had a wonderful Mexican lunch  and then went to a wonderful,  huge  Arts and Crafts Fair, which was more like an Air Fair.  Yesterday afternoon, after a wonderful Mexican lunch, I enjoyed walking around Albuquerque’s Old Town, where it all first began in 1706. The buildings are now tourist appropriate shops and restaurants. I enjoyed every bit of it , until  it started raining , of course.  Whoever started that rumor that the desert was dry???


This was the only sun I saw today!


Sroom with a View


always watching….


Albuquerque, New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WOW, it’s fun to be a kid again with my eyes looking up into the sky, my  mouth hanging open, and bumping into people while walking  around and scooping out all 100 Special Shapes Hot Air Balloons at the 2011 Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque.  The colors are incredible and each balloon is cuter or more clever than the next. Since its a windy day, they couldn’t actually launch, only tether on the ground and play bumper games with each other.  Afterwards, I walked around Old Town, Albuquerque.  Nice way to spend an afternoon.  But enough of my chatter – enjoy the photos!!!


Everyone has a camera today!


This turtle is reaching for a cold one.


Shots from Old Town, Albuquerque

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