March 9, 2020

Eastern blue birds are a grand prize of any backyard bird-feeding frenzy and  aviary  homes!  So put out the word that  I would gladly buy  any special request foods ( meal worms), provide shelter  and protection (from squirrels,  raccoons and snakes)  plus happily  monitor their broods if they would choose my backyard  BB nest box.  I have had a BB nest box up for 5 years but it has only been this past year that I have had blue birds visit  and show some interest.  A couple weekends ago these  2 males and 1 female blue bird came to check out my  newly purchased and mounted BB box.  It was  move in ready until a squirrel  decided to chew  the entrance larger.  I was slow to made repairs and it may have cost me  new residents that didn’t want a fixer upper.   After the blue birds left,  a new door was quickly installed with the appropriate  hole size of 1 and 1/2 inches and a metal  hole guard  was installed around the hole  to discourage any future  ” chewers”.  I will never hang a nest box again with a hole guard.

Blue birds are known to begin  nesting as early as February.

While checking out the box, there appeared to be a  brief squabble.  I assumed it was over the female and who would win her over.

In the end, it  would seem that the female rejected them both.  Once again, my nest  box is still on the market.

This adorable blue bird fledgling came to my feeder early last September.

Blue birds don’t normally  frequent feeders, especially if the feeders are crowded.  But offering meal worms (preferably  live worms rather than  dried ones) can change their minds – especially if there are  babies  still in the nest or fledglings that need to be fed.  Clean water in a shallow bird bath will also attract blue birds.

In March of last year this female  came to my black oiled sunflowers seeds.

While I always enjoy blue bird visitors, I also  hold out hope my BB box will not sit empty again this spring.

Hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for reading!

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