Where’s Tootsie ????

Just a short tidbit about ” my girls”  to hopefully bring a chuckle  to your day….

So, on bath day, when whichever Yorkie is getting her bath first, then typically, the other Yorkie knows she is  next on the list and tries her  best to hide and avoid her bath for as long as possible.  Now Daisy, who is the lesser intelligent of the two always hides in the same place – under my bed.   But Tootsie  likes to keep me guessing …….

On this particular bath day, Daisy draw the short straw and got the first bath. Once she was finished and dried and I thought I  had given Tootsie enough time to come out of hiding on her own, I started calling for my Toots.  Calling, calling, calling…. even the bribe of a cookie did not cause a stir.  So I started my search.  I looked in all the usual places, while still calling, calling, calling and I was actually even  getting a little worried. But I KNEW she had to be here somewhere. Then, just by chance I went to get something out of my closet and ……………

…….. even as I stood there, calling her, Tootsie did not move a muscle. I’m guessing she thought, since she couldn’t see me,  then I couldn’t see her either.


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