Despite the forecast – Live like it’s spring! By Lilly Pulitzer

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You gotta love the feeding frenzy of mother birds feeding their demanding, ever hungry babies. These Eurasian sparrows are decedents of their ancestors that were brought to St. Louis, Missouri from Germany. Twenty of these birds were released in Lafayette park in south St. Louis in April 1870. Other European birds were also released but only the Eurasian sparrows successfully established a breeding population. They can be found in some areas of St. Louis, along the Illinois River in parts of Illinois and along the Mississippi River to southern Iowa. I have been lucky enough to have a handful of Eurasian Sparrows in my back yard, in south St Louis county, for the last 8 years. Year after year, they regularly raise their many families in my bluebird nest boxes, come to my feeders and drink from my bird bath. Just a reminder – you can always click on an individual photo for an enlargement. (You may have noticed the extra brace on the nest box door – these birds will literally stuff that box with so much nesting material that the door will bulge open.!! Also, sorry for the annoying shepherds hook in every photo – poor placement on my part)

( Pic and quote borrowed from the internet)

BLESSED are the BLUE BIRDS and their Babies in Summer 2021

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed!!

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