March 7, 2018

This past weekend was  Art In Bloom at the St. Louis Art Museum.  It is a yearly , free, event that  is interesting and enjoyable if you can tolerate  the heavy crowds and inadequate parking situation.  However, if you are member  of the Art Museum ( of which I am not) , there is a “members only” viewing time, which may help with the crowds and parking aggravations.   This year’s event had 40 floral arrangements that interpret various arts pieces in the museum.   It is, also, sort of  a “Where’s  Waldo?” set  up,  as you  have to walk the entire museum to see all the interpretations –  they are not all gathered together in one room.  I only saw about  half this year  so my photos  and opinions are limited to what I actually saw.

Let’s start with my favorite floral arrangement.

My favorite with the piece of art  that it  interprets.  Sorry, I have no names of the art pieces, the crowds made it difficult to move about and I was lucky ( some of the time) to get photos without stranger’s body parts in them.


Love the painting

I liked this arrangement, though I could never figure out what it was matched with.

Though I am not fond of the twigs and sticks arrangement, I  do like how it fits with the painting.  Both pieces made me feel uncomfortable and out of my zone of appreciation.  I know not every piece of art is meant to be pretty, but the pretty one are my favorites.  : )

The above  two are paired together.

Lastly,  I was inspired enough to come home and create my own “art in bloom” .   Carnations  were purchased at Sam’s Club and  personally arranged.  The print was purchased at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in  the state of Washington – a wonderful trip  full of  colorful,  beautiful tulips  fields and can be found on my blog in the April 2012 archives).

Thanks for reading!


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