Luzern, Switzerland, :)


October 6, 2009

Luzern is one beautiful city. It sits serenely at the foothills of the Alps and on the banks of Lake Luzern. I could live here. Any chance I could pack up all my family and friends and take you with me? It has it all. I loved it being so walkable – they have cross walks everywhere and the cars and the bicyclists actually stop at them for you to cross ! The water in all the decorative fountains is clean and drinkable and even tastes good! I could probably give up my Diet Coke addiction. All the ladies have on their boots and are wearing fur vests or cute little leather jackets – my favorite accessories! The clothes in the store windows are beautiful -( not like the garbage in the US that look like tablecloths). Like everyplace else I’ve seen so far, dogs are welcome everywhere in Luzern and their owners really do clean up after them. Everyone seems to speak English and people are friendly. There are markets set up every morning by the lake selling fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheeses (it is cheese country), bakery goods and all sorts of other items.
Luzern is pictureque with its covered bridges, swans, outside cafes, beautiful churchs and old time squares with painted buildings. And guess what else I found? A bakery called the “Hug Bakery”. Plus Lucern has my favorite monument – the Lowendenkmal (the lion carved out of a cliff) – its breaks your heart – to see the pain in this lions face.


Painted Buildings Everywhere


The Lowendenkmal


The Hug Bakery


Mornings Markets by the Lake



Fountains You Can Drink From!!!


That’s me and the Lion.


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