First Full Day in Vienna, Austria

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What a super day! Vienna was transformed from overwhelming to wonderful today! It is a beautiful city, very clean, feels very safe and very upscale. Culture and classiness is everywhere. There are more than you can imagine of concerts, museums, churches, pallaces and cafes ( with yummy looking pastries) to spend your time and money. Vienna also have so much public transportation, that if you ask someone how to get somewhere, they immediately tell you about a bus or tram, etc, – even if it is just a couple of blocks! Never do they suggest you walk. :
The absolute highlights of my day was I got to see 2 of my top favorite original paintings!
The 1st was “The Kiss” by Gustov Klimt and it is in the Schloss Belvedere -worth the price of the ticket itself-( the photo of me is in the ” backyard” of the Belvedere) and also I saw “Jean Renoir Sewing”, by, of course, Renoir. Absolutely incredible and gorgeous!
I also saw, in the Augustinian Church, ( where the Hapsburgs hearts are kept in a vault) the most heart moving memorial I have ever seen. The photo can’t begin to do it justice – you’ll just have to trust me.  I’ve also noticed that Vienna  loves statues – they are everywhere and in great detail!
BTW – I may have been starving in Prague ( since all they had were Wursts), there is no such problem in Vienna – I found the greatest fish place -you get a huge plate of fish and vegetables for just 10 Euro and it is the best. I had both lunch and dinner there today. It is called Nordsee – in case you ever stumble upon one. Be sure to tune in tomorrow……


The Kiss


Jean Renoir Sewing


“Backyard” of the Belvedere Art Museum.


  Upscale Neighbors Behind the Belvedere


A part of the Memorial.


Samples of Vienna  Statuary


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