First Full Day in Venice, Italy

Monday, October 26, 2009


Colorful Homes  in Burano

I’m in Venice ! 70 degrees and sunshine. Got to be one of the greatest places to people watch, boat and water watch, along with seeing the sights. What a wonderful day! I visited 2 little islands that sit very close to Venice – Murano, known for their glass making factories and Burano, known for their cute colored houses and their lace making. Murano glass is beautiful and they make anything from a life size figure of a clown, which I saw today, to earrings, to chandeliers. Murano has lots of glass shops and water front cafes to easily spend your day. They do frown upon you taking photographs of their creations, but Burano, on the other hand, enjoys being being in the viewfinder, or, LCD screen. Burano definitely has its own charm and its a fun place to wander around and just look. Its a bright and cheery and has a very interesting bell tower that is definitely leaning. But no one seems to be making a fuss about this one. 🙂
I also ventured into yet another church – Friar Church, and saw some incredible art work by Donatello and Bellini and others. Wish I knew the story behind these pieces being in this church – the history was there to read, of course, in Italian. But then, that’s why we have Google.


After traveling for almost a month you start to see double.


Laundry is a common sight.


Leaning Tower of Burano


Flowers You Don’t Have to Water.


From Friar Church


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