Santa Fe, New Mexico 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Next Stop after balloons – Santa Fe !!

Santa Fe is a wonderful place to be, with its adobe buildings, sagebrush vegetation, Mexican cuisine, beautiful old churches, art galleries, and shopping (especially for jewelry and southwest theme items). After the  Balloon Festival  I drove (1 hour) to Santa Fe from Albuquerque to stay for a couple of days at the tranquil (and I highly recommend)  St Francis Hotel,  conveniently located  in the heart of the Historic Plaza Square area. The Plaza area is always  a fun place to stroll.  I am  enjoying every aspect of this city and I even tried something brand new – a Blue Corn Tortilla Pancake. Yes, it was blue and it was great! I  also especially like to stroll with my camera and look for  those perfect “Santa Fe” shots….


Beaautiful Old Movie Theater, now Performing Arts Building.
Close up of the intricate work on top.
Its good luck to hang your chilis by the door. 

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