All Day Train Ride and Graffiti


Saturday, December 3, 2011

 Hello ! My  train ride to Ljubljana, Slovenia, took most of the day today.  The scenery was foggy but making 2 connections forced me to keep alert , though the gentle rocking of the rails sure can lull  a person into nap time. The travels through the Alps in Austria were  enjoyable even though it was a gray day and the windows on the train were dirty.  Thus most of my photos of the Alps were pathetic.  But I will have another chance when we  are heading to Salzburg later in the week.

I have a pondering question though – what’s up with the graffiti ?  Has anyone an explanation?

Upon arrival at Ljubljana, it was raining, so, as much as I wanted to go to the Christmas Markets, instead I opted for  dinner three doors down from the hotel (which had great pasta and pizza) and the waiter even gave me a free desserts.  Sometimes it pays to be the tired, wet American in a different country…..



Nutella Wanna Be



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