Last Day in Munich, Germany


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well after hours spent on planes and in airports, I am back home now – but I can’t let the postings of this European Christmas Markets Trip go unfinished…thus….

My last day in Munich.  A day just to wonder, explore and shop and make sure I don’t  miss  something  I would regret. Munich is a beautiful , busy city, fun to stroll  and surprisingly, I didn’t get lost. I could always look up and recognize a church steeple or the city hall in the distance to ground myself.   Even more delightfully surprising, I stumbled upon two more Christmas Markets that I hadn’t seen before.  I also searched out two churches that  I wanted to see and I went through the Residenz , the palace where the Wittelsbachs resided, the ruling family of Bavaria for 700 years. That tour was 80 rooms. I logged 8 miles on my pedometer this day ( most of it in this palace I believe) – my record for the trip.


Asam Church, Baroque style built in 1740.


St Cajetan’s Church, built in 1690


.The Residenz Festival Banquet Hall, 200 could dine here.


The last of my Christmas Markets. : (


Christmas Markets at the Sendlinger City Gate, built in 1318.


I love the Gingerbread cookies!


German  Nativity Pyramids


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