April 19, 2012

Downtown Seattle has  historic neighborhoods,  high end shopping,  ferries  with which to venture across the  Sound, coffee,and food  everywhere you turn, just to start.  I began my touristy day at the  Pike Place Market full of  vendors  that sell just about anything you can imagine.  The most colorful vendors sell  beautiful and affordable  bunches of  fresh flowers, fresh  fruits and vegetables, fresh (raw) fish that one vendor in particular likes to throw from one sales person to the other to entertain everyone. Bakeries are also popular vendors at the Market. One vendor has a machine working non stop so you can have the freshest donuts of them all.  The Pike Market is a wonderfully serious wake up call for  all the senses.

Before wondering off  to the waterfront , I walked by the Art Museum to get a shot of the Huge Hammering Man. Then a quick walk down some very steep streets took me to  beautiful views across the Sound andmore shops and food, all with something  catchy to get my attention. Today was fun and accompanied with some serious walking !


Market smells range from flowers to fish.


The Original Starbucks started at the Pike Market with this logo.


Hammering Man at Seattle Art Museum (click to see him hammer)


Ye Olde Curiosity Shop at the Waterfront


McDreamy Sighting on the Waterfront


Fish and Crowder restaurants on the Waterfront


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