Chinatown, Coit Tower, Haight Ashbury, What a Day!


For Sale at the Ferry Build Marketplace

May 2, 2012

Exploring more of   San Francisco, we started our day walking through Chinatown, gawking at the strange items and foods at the outdoor markets.  Coit Tower , high on Telegraph Hill,  was  the next  fun stop.  There is colorful murals completely lining the walls at the  bottom  and at the top of the Tower were postcard views of the city and the Bay area.  Afterwards we walked to the waterfront via the 477 steps Filbert Steps – good thing we were walking down!  This end of the waterfront is one ferryboat pier after another. The Ferry Building Marketplace is a refurbished pier now filled with shops and eats – very Californian and interesting.  Haight Asbury was our next destination via public bus. The closer we got to the Haight, the more colorful the bus became.  Anyone who thinks the Hippie Era has passed, hasn’t been to the Haight.   It is alive, well, and based on the guy smoking pot walking down the steeet, still stoned!    Our final walk of the day was back through Chinatown again.  Its truly its own little world, fun to see and the shopping is never ending.


Coit Tower


Views from Coit Tower


Haight Ashbury


The 477 Filbert Steps




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