May 4, 2012


Your Room is Waiting….

A day at Alcatraz.  Interesting, creepy…… but over all it was a beautiful day and I especially enjoyed the wonderful  gardens planted all over the island and tended to by volunteers. Of course, the gorgeous scenery of the Bay Area and the Ferry Boat ride to the island was also unforgetable.   My appreciation  and graditude to  The National  Parks Department for doing such a  great job displaying  the history of The Rock. Thanks also to the gardeners, who give of their time and sweat so that others can enjoy and smell the flowers.

Alcatrz is definitely an attraction in San Francisco that should not to be missed!


Alcatraz Island


Cell Blocks and Solitary


The “yard” used by prisoners in back of the former prison.


Gardens on Alcatraz Island


Breathtaking scenery


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