All Sorts of Opportunities

Last full day in Amish country so I’m in panic mode to fit everything in.I first toured The Amish Farm  and Home which used to be a real Amish farm, now open for the public to see how the Amish live and learn more about them.It was very interesting, except the farm was geared towarda generation past . Though the  guide didexplain some differences of the Amish of the past generation andthe Amish now.There are not many changes but some.


Afterwards I took an Amish  buggy ride with “Ed’s Buggy Rides” which was really fun.  I was the last one in line and  they asked me if I’d like to  me sit up front but  I accidentally sat in the driver’s seat. The old men running the buggy ride  got a kick out of that and I became the person to tease for the duration. The ride went through back country roads and onto an Amish farm and through the  fields. We  stopped at the farm, saw  the animals, the barn that housed the different buggies, saw where the cows were milked, plus they had a little shop set up for selling Amish crafts and lots of beautiful quilts. Three of the little kids in the family came outside to look at us , we are referred to as “the English”. The kids were so cute, all dressed in there Amish garb and their little dirty bare feet. One of the little boys was very friendly  and enjoyed the attention.  


My last adventure for the day was a trip to a gourd farm. I saw the ad in a magazine so I was unaware it was actually a real Amish farm until I found myself driving deeper and deeper in farm country and  arrived at his address.The owner raises acres and acres of gourds to sell and has a large shop set up in an out building.He makes bird houses out of some of the gourds and his daughter paintsthem. This was a wonderful experience.  The owner was very friendly and personable.The farm was beautiful and charming with his own bird houses hanging,  along with the Amish clothes on the clothes line, the chickens quietly resting in the shade, his daughter  working in the yard  and his dogs coming up to greet me.  It is called Smuckers’s Gourd Farm  in Kinzer’s PA and they sell  beautiful gourd bird houses and other gourd decorations, or  if you choose, you can also  buy the gourds undecorated and finish them yourself.  They do beautiful work and they will ship by UPS.  I highly recommend.  


The Amish Farm and Home


Smucker’s Gourd Farm, Kinzer’s PA


View From Ed’s Buggy Ride


Hats and Scooters  in the Yard of the Farm

We Visitied on the Buggie Ride.


Bird House I Bought at Smucker’s Gourd Farm


Beautiful Photo Ops  Everywhere I Look


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