Saturday, September 29, 2012 ( part one)


“People Waiting” sculpture

A three hour ferry ride on the Princess of the Arcadia transported us from Digby, Nova Scotia  across the Bay of Fundy to St. John, New Brunswick.  Despite the rain, the ferry was a pleasant ride and went surprisingly quickly.

I  stayed  in St John for lunch and briefly saw their waterfront area.  There are 4 decorative lighthouses on the waterfront, a Farmer’s Market ( which has been  been open since 1876)  and also John Hooper’s “People Waiting”  art sculpture  of  wooden people  in front of the Barbour’s General Store Museum. The Museum was closed ( on a Saturday?) so I didn’t get to see it. But the Farmer’s Market ceiling was interesting – it was built by a ship builder and is said to look like the inverted keel of a ship.

Then back in the car to the next destination –  St. Andrews By The Sea.  


Another John Hooper


The Farmer’s Market


Moose sighting in the building where I have lunch. : )


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