Sunday September 30, 2012


St. Martin has two covered bridges.

New Brunswick has a total of 64 in all.

The drive from St. Andrews to St Martin gave me more opportunity to see the fall colors.  This is such beautiful country.  The hills are full of evergreens and maples, I guess, ( whatever tree makes the reds and yellows). There are also  large  valleys  and  larger marsh lands .I saw some farm land and  grazing  cattle and are always on the outlook for moose!.   Then beyond all of that beautiful land is the Bay of Fundy – water for as far as you can see. Absolutely beautiful!

Upon arriving in St. Martin, the village is  a lot smaller than I expected.  From a sightseeing perceptive, there was enough to  keep me busy  for a couple of hours.    I enjoyed  seeing  their lighthouse which doubles as a  tourist information center,  the twin covered bridges and the little harbor. I had lunch next to the red cliffs that has sea caves, but it was high tide so there was no walking  into the caves ( which you can do at low tide),  I then ventured into  some back roads to find an official  lighthouse still in  service , though now automated.  It was  in need of  paint and the landscape around it was overgrown and there was a (camera shy) porcupine having lunch near by.

With the highlights of  St. Martin exhausted, I was on my way to the next  stop- Alma,  my last coastal village before returning to Halifax.


St. Martin’s Wharf


Sea Caves


Beauiful Colored Rocks on the Beach


St. Martin Lighthouses


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