May 19, 2014

The Musee d’Orsay  is without a doubt one of my favorite museums.  It was  well worth the hour and a half that I stood in line to get in. ( That was with the Museum Pass.)  Known for  Europe’s greatest collection of Impressionist  pieces, it will not disappoint.  The building used to be  an old train station  built in 1898 and has been transformed with the style you would expect in the city of Paris. Be sure to stop in and say Hello to Whistler’s Mother….



The original train station clock over looks the Great Hall….


The Great Hall of the Orsay. 


Looking from the inside out to the roof and beyond for views of  the city. 



Young Girls at the Piano –  just a sampling from my favorite artist,  Renoir,  who has 81 paintings at the Orsay.  The Impressionist paintings are on the top floor – see these first.   


Also, be sure  to take a quick  glance outside the clock tower before you leave. Then stop at the gift shop and buy the post cards or book marks of your favorite paintings since you cannot take photos in the Orsay.  Or buy the book –  its a great way to take home  this  fascinating building of art.  



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