GORLITZ, GERMANY, May 6, 2015 Day 2


Fat Tower – todays adventure!

May 6, 2015

While sitting in  Gorlitz’s Marienplatz ( square) enjoying a wonderful bowl of gulash that I bought at the outdoor market, I noticed  the Fat Tower was open for visitors.   I wasted no time.  This I had to see!

According to the tower guide,  it  was built some time before 1305 and was part of the city’s defense system, which included other towers and a wall around the city.  So both of us climbed the 180 steps to the top, although there are actually 2 top floors so there was a small rest stop.

I had to ask ” So how many times do you climb this tower each day with visitors?”  “6 miles  worth of climbing. I  am very fit.” she told me.  And I believe her.

She went on to say that they the last family ( of 8)  that lived in the tower moved out in 1903.  Also  most interesting, the tower was  the location of a disco in the past,  so 2 modern  toilets were installed,  which were also very near top.


This photo gives  you an idea  of  the thickness of  those walls.


This is the 2nd floor from the top, with a decent size room ( for a tower) in the middle.


This is the top floor  where you can see the separate rooms – I think there was 6 or 7.


Top floor main room.


Photo of the last family that lived in the tower,

sitting in the kitchen.


Bonus to seeing the inside of Fat Tower :

The views were incredible!



Interesting tid bit – this looks like a church but it has now been turned into a school.

Thanks for joining me!



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