WROCLAW, POLAND – A Peek at Some Churches


A down spout from St. John the Baptist Cathedral

May 8, 2015

Poland’s population is approximately  95% Catholic.  It remains one of the most religious country in Europe today.   So it seems every corner I turned, there stood a church. Here are 3 that stood out:

My favorite was the St. James and St. Vincent  Church from 1240.   Looks very modest on the outside but the side chapel is one the prettiest I have ever seen:


St. James and St. Vincent Church


The Nave of  the side chapel.


The ceiling frescos of that chapel.


Angel on a  ledge…

An interesting church I  also saw was the very Baroque “Most Holly Name of Jesus” from 1689.  It is now associated with Wroclaw University which was started in 1728.   Inside, the main nave and a side  chapel  was sensory overload,  in my opinion.



But the Pieta in this church is beautiful.   It is a replica of  the Vatican’s

by  Michelangelo:


Then I crossed over a  lock bridge,


onto the Ostrom Tumski Island,


to see  the gothic style St. John the Baptist Cathedral from 1244.



The side of the church shows how additional chapels are just added on through time in whatever architectural style is popular or they prefer.


First church that I have seen where “lighting a candle” has gone electric.


Also St John’s posted photos of what it looked like after WWII.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”  ( George Santayana)

I thought this last little angel  was beautiful and  shows the intense  grief of loss.  This angel sits on a memorial in  St. Elisabeth Church where many people were buried:


Many blessings to you and yours…..






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  1. Judy Ludwig
    May 14, 2015 @ 08:20:37

    I agree on the overload comment! It sure is sad what war does to a country as far as historical destruction and death but the aftermath as in your pictures shows the resilience in people which is a beautiful thing. Thanks



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