Organ pipes in Saints Peter and Paul Church

May 11, 2015

The citizens of Krakow are deeply  religious and there are  about 140  churches in the city  to prove it.   I love the beauty of any place of worship and have seen many.  But in Poland I was always surprised of the number of people quietly praying  any time of the day that I happened to walk in.

Saints  Peter and Paul Church caught my eye especially because of the 12 statues ( 11 apostles ( Judas excluded) and Mary Magdalene)  lining the entrance of this baroque design built  in 1605.  Corrine and I also attended a wonderful concert here.



I found it interesting that there was such a  fancy confessional  for sinners.

Another interesting church I came  across was  Barbary Church  ( 1338) with it’s beautiful ceiling and it’s Gothic confessional. It also had a ” cemetery chapel”  on the outside of the church.  The chapel was not accessible but had statues inside depicting the Prayer in the Garden.  The statues themselves were not very recognizable, maybe due to age and the screening  around them.


4962 gothic confessional

Gothic confessional  – very fancy indeed to confess your wrong-doings


This photo is from the internet of the cemetery chapel – it sat in the shadows when I was there and I couldn’t get a decent shot.

With all of the churches in Krakow, there was a particular neighborhood where many of the clergy  lived:

use this

Lastly, the residence of Pope John Paul II   ( who was born in Poland) when he was the archbishop of Krakow.   It was told that many times he would stand at the window ( that has his photograph in it) in the evening and chat with the people below:


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