UPHAGEN HOUSE in Gdansk, Poland


Uphagen House

May 14, 2015

Touring this house was my chance to see the inside of  one of  these beautiful homes.  These houses were taxed based on the size of the  frontage during the Golden Age.   Thus they were built skinny  in the front yet deep.   John Uphagen bought this house  in 1775 and the house remained  in the family  throughout  the 19th century.  It was opened as  a museum  from 1911  until 1944,  when the  interior and furnishings  were removed from the house due to  WWII .   The house was destroyed in WWII   but  rebuilt  within 10 years after the war.   Although the museum did not reopen again until 1998.


Model of the house  with the front section  designed for guests  and entertaining and in the back of the house were the actual living quarters. 

DSCF5112   DSCF5111

Dining room with a fancy furnace/stove for heating the room.


View of the entree  foyer  while walking up the stairs.

DSCF5116  DSCF5117

Bird themed decor into the music room.

DSCF5118   DSCF5115

DSCF5120  DSCF5123

Kitchen was on the bottom floor.

DSCF5126  DSCF5119

I loved this dog faucet and rolling chest. What was in the house was original to the Uphagen family.

Thanks for reading!


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