Backyard Birding Fall 2015


Finch in  her  muted winter colors.

December  2015

As winter approaches the backyard buffet changes to black oiled sunflowers seeds and suet for energy and added fat for warmth.  Water is always  is needed but it is time to put the heater in it so my feathered friends can enjoy their “hot tub” once again.


Always love this House Finches with the little hint of pink near their bottom.

DSCF7213     DSCF7224

The Nuthatch  comes to dine  daily now as the days are cooler.  I  discovered the  nuthatch loves peanuts and will keep making continuous trips to the feeder until she has taken them all!

DSCF7265   DSCF7266

The Tufted Titmouse  bath time.

chickadee at take off

The Black Capped Chickadee  is so fast that it is difficult to photograph.   This was a lucky shot as she gracefully flees with her snack.


This Flicker Woodpecker enjoyed a hearty meal of suet….


So much so that……


with his full belly,  the need for a nap came creeping in…..


and he fell asleep for a good 10 minutes before he was interrupted.

Backyard birding is always free entertainment just outside my window!

Thanks for reading, please  feed the birds, if you can,  as food and water become scarce this winter.


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  1. Amy Weisser
    Dec 21, 2015 @ 11:47:36

    Love those birdies! You have a magic touch, Jeannie—–



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