ART in BLOOM 2016, St. Louis Art Museum


“Sinking of the Titanic”  by Max Beckmann

Floral by Cecilia Ann Barnett

March 11, 2015

“Art in Bloom” is an annual event at the St. Louis Art Museum (and also  various other locations in the country).   This year the event  featured 35 floral interpretations of   paintings  or other works of art  through out the Museum’s  collection.   I had an  enjoyable  afternoon admiring beautiful works of art!   It was incredible  to see the colorful  and imaginative  floral creations  along with  how it complimented  the art piece.


“La Havre: Le Gran Quai” by Maurice de Vlaminck

Floral by Christine Anson/ S Finch Florist

DSCF8348  DSCF8346

“Queen Anne Chair” by Robert Venturi

Floral by David Bovier / Ken Meisner’s Flowers


“The Sentinel at the Sultan’s Tomb” by Jean-Leon Gerome

Floral by Trisha Haislar/ Elegant Celebrations


“Long Live Love or Charming Country” by Max Ernst

Floral by Doug Wolter / Children’s Garden Club


“The Felixmuller Family” by Otto Dix

Floral by Rhonda Lynn-Moeckel/ Baisch and Skinner Wholesale Floral


“Portrait of a Woman” by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Floral by Susan Schoedel/Freelance Designer


“Ewer in the Form of a Double Gourd with Design of Boys amidst Grapevines” ( small pitcher to the left)

Floral by Carol Eilermann/ Designers Guild Garden Club


“Portrait of a Lady” by Hans Mielich

Floral by  Ann Rabbitt/ Thorn Studio


“Untitled (mental map:Lost IV)” by Franz Akermann

Floral by July Blix / The Garden Guild

“Enforcer” by Alice Gibson

Floral by Carte Blanche Designers of District V, Garden Clubs of Illinois


“Woman’s Dress” by Wendy Red Star

Floral by Lee J. Martin / Freelance Designer


“Feasible #2” by Stuart Davis ( lower painting on the left)

Foral by  Dawn Ahner / Ahner Florist, New Baden, Il

DSCF8351   DSCF8342

Floor Spread, Ottoman Period

Floral by  Catherine Thoele / Catherine Thoele  Florists


Figure of House with Figurines, Nayarit

Floral by Sara Ward / Wildflowers LLC


Mask (kplekple), Unidentified Baule Artist

Floral by Bob Hauck /  Walter Knoll Floris

j art in bloom

Last and least is my own  inspiration , not available at the Art Museum,  but only for viewings  in my home……

“Honfleur Harbor in Harmony” print by Elizabeth  Horowitz

Hyacinths lovingly  hand picked from my son’s yard without permission and arranged in my Grand-Grandmother’s  cut glass pitcher.



The  lobby of the  Art Museum was overtaken by beautifully  arranged  flowers and the scent  of spring for the event.

Hope you enjoyed my favorites.  If you are interested in the official  winners,  go to:

Thanks for reading!!




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen
    Mar 21, 2016 @ 06:07:03

    How beautiful and wonderfully captured in your photos! My move date is tomorrow. Thanks for a lovely diversion from packing. Maureen



  2. Amy Weisser
    Mar 19, 2016 @ 19:05:15

    How lovely! I went last spring and enjoyed it so much……art and flowers—-love it!



  3. jeannieadams
    Mar 19, 2016 @ 10:28:06

    Thanks Dane for the compliment and for being such a loyal reader! Happy Spring to you also!! I’m sure you are looking forward to boating weather!!



  4. Dane Dodson
    Mar 19, 2016 @ 10:19:02

    Beautiful Jeannie, Happy Spring to you!



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