See that little white building on top of the cliff?  That’s where the walk  to the bridge begins…

Oct 3, 2016


There you can still barely see the white building, but the path is certain.


One of the marvelous  views from the path.


A view of where the path leads and just how far it is to walk is becoming more apparent.


More views – the little white building where we started can barely be seen.


Almost there…..


Now I can really see what I am in for…

These people have already crossed the bridge and really to come back over.


Besides the mile long path  walk along stunningly beautiful views, the Carrick-A-Rede bridge involves walking down very steep steps ( like almost straight down steps) to reach the bridge.    The  ravine opening where the bridge crosses over  is 65 feet wide and the drop off  from the bridge to the bottom  is 98 feet deep. Did I mention yet that this is a rope bridge?  That this location is incredibly windy?

Evidently a rope  bridge has been erected here by fisherman for 350 years to allow them to catch migrating salmon. This adventure continues the tradition, except it is  courage we are searching  for, not salmon.



Only 8 people at a time are allowed to cross.


View of the steps from the other side.  No, sorry,  I did not  take any photos while on the bridge – my hands were clenching  the sides of the rope bridge for dear-life as the wind was blowing, the bridge was  swaying and my jacket was  making flapping noises.  I was trying to concentrate on not looking down and how terrified I really was !  I vaguely remember  that the bottom held  moving  muddy water and rocky  sides of the cliff edges.   I  could see that before I took the first step onto the bridge.  From that point  on,  I looked anywhere but down and gingerly took each step until I  reached the other side.  Knowing all along, I would have to walk across it a second time.


This little guy went across the bridge both ways but had a serious melt down when it was all over.   I totally understood and  wanted his Mum to hug me too when it was all over !


Another  unbelievable view on the walk back.


This little sheep,  holding his lucky shamrock,  smiled on all of us on the bus ride back.

That wraps up my  fantastically  enjoyable  trip to Ireland.   Now on to Italy!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!






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  1. Judy Ludwig
    Oct 18, 2016 @ 12:19:11

    There is no way I could have walked across that bridge! Great job!



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