Oct. 3, 2016

Another Wild Rover Tours Day Trip I recommend would be the tour to Belfast, the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-A-Reed Bridge.   In the morning, you have the choice of  a Black Taxi  Political tour or seeing the Titanic Museum ( the  ill-fated Titanic was built in Belfast).  I chose the Black Taxi tour.  This tour  touched  upon Northern Ireland’s  four decades of  civil unrest.   Some people think this was merely a Catholic and Protestant issue but it was also actually  ” a  “war”  between the paramilitary element of the minority nationalist community  with the British state and the paramilitary element of the Protestant Loyalist community”   as stated on Wild Rover Tour web sight  in the description of the tour .






There are more than 2000 political  murals in  Northern Ireland.


The Catholics and the Protestants , even today, still live in separate neighborhoods.  These gates to a  Catholic community are closed every night  and opened every morning –  to keep out ” any stray troublemakers” as it was explained.


This is an example of a Protestant neighborhood.


This depicts a section of  the “Peace Walls or Lines”, built in 1969, and  are a series of barrier borders separating the communities.  Everyone is invited to sign the wall to  encourage peace.    109 walls still  exist today.


On a lighter note – well, sort of,  this shot is of the Belfast Titanic Museum.  Built in 2012,  at a  cost of  97 million British Sterling  and sits close to the site where the actual Titanic was built.  The building is stated to stand  as tall as the Titanic ship.


(  above saying and photo borrowed from the internet)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next 2 blogs of this Wild Rover Tour!

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