Rose-breasted Grosbeak, male

April 29, 2017

Fun new sighting for this birder – 2 rose-breasted grosbeak males appeared at the suet feeder of my Honey yesterday morning!   Interestingly , the males show up first late in the spring,  then the females, who are a brownish bird,  follow  a week or  two  later.  Not having my camera  with me, I had to borrow this photo from the internet.

Another sign of spring !  This cute  finch fledgling , with his crazy spiked do, was hanging out on my patio a couple days ago.

Tufted tit mouse is plumping up on peanuts.

Another finch prefers  the higher elevation of an angel.

Female cardinal was kind enough to pose pretty for my shot.

This couple hangs out together frequently in my back yard.

Mr. Robin looks non too pleased to be photographed at bath time.

Got love the  spot-tacular outfit on the flicker.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Amy Weisser
    May 01, 2017 @ 10:33:16

    As always, enjoyed very much. You get great photos, Jeannie!



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