Missouri State Penitentiary Museum

The last prisoner of the Missouri State Penitentiary  today now resides in the prison museum.

His attire displays the  striped prison outfits  that were fazed out in 1909.

July 23, 2017

The MO State Penitentiary  Museum is free to all and only requires about  a 30 minute stop.  Historical information and memorabilia of life inside the “walls”   pertaining to the 168 years the prison was in operation  can be found.

The Colonel Darwin  Marmaduke  House  was the warden’s residence, directly across the street from the prison.  This house  was  built in 1888, entirely by inmates  at a cost of $7000.  Prisoners also built  several other homes on the street.  The prison  museum is in the basement .

Interesting ideas can be found here.

Bench made by a prisoner to hide his shank.

This machine for inducing lethal injections replaced the gas chamber.  The buttons would need to be pushed by 2 different people. One set are dummy buttons.   That way the  2 people pushing the buttons would never know exactly which one gave the lethal injection.

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