Rundale Palace

May 29, 2019

The adventure of the day was a day trip to Rundale Palace, which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Riga.  Rundale is an 18th  century mansion  built for Ernst Johann von Biron  (a Biron in Latvia) for his summer retreat..   Building started in 1736 and took  30 years and 1500 workers.  It has 138  rooms of which 40 rooms have been restored and can be toured.

Most of the  palace was ornate decorated.


Every room had a huge  beautifully  tiled ceramic heater.


This decoration was painted on the walls and the ceiling.

Interesting way to display a vase collection.

Perfume burner?

Many pieces of Meisson porcelain was  on display.

This wall decor was 3 dimensional.

My favorite was the gardens which I thoroughly enjoyed even in the rain.

Just to be perfectly clear……..



These were the stables for the palace.

A storks ‘s nest  sits a top one of  the palace’s chimney.


Bird of the day – on route to the palace I saw 2 storks sitting on top of a brick wall and one stork  flying.  What an incredible sight!  Even our bus driver, who couldn’t speak English, got excited and pointed it out to everyone!  (Pictures  from Google as I could not get my camera out fast enough.)

Also, on route, we saw field after  field of  blooming rape seed  which is used for making mustard.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!



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