THE FRICK – PITTSBURGH – Last Day to Explore Pittsburgh

The children’s playhouse on the Frick  Estate

October 28, 2019

My last day in Pittsburgh  I ventured to  The Frick – Pittsburgh.  The Frick is the  6 acre  property  of  wealthy industrialist, financier, union-buster,  art collector (and I could go on and on)  Henry Clay Frick .   Henry, his wife Adelaide and their children  lived in the 4 story family  home , referred to as  “Clayton” from  1882 – 1905.  Photos were not allowed in the restored  home but  90  percent of the interior  ( furniture, wallpaper, draperies)  were  original.  Some parts of the house  showed  a tad bit of its age,  but the guided tour by a docent was very enjoyable and  insightful as to the “guided age” and the family’s most interesting and gossip-worthy life .  The guided age was the late 19th century when there was rapid economic  growth and rapid expansion of industrialization.

Henry Clay Frick’s  collection of Chinese porcelain,  some dating back to 1662.

Besides the family mansion and  the children’s playhouse,  there is a cafe,  a small art museum ( although the  bulk of  art collection is located at the ” Frick Collection”, now an art museum but  originally the family’s  New York home) and there was a……

Greenhouse and gardens….



an Allium of some sort


Plus the Frick property had a Car and Carriage museum !

This red and blue beauty is a 1940 Bantam Roadster.  Cost $445.00  Top speed was 43 mph and could travel 60 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

Model E Towing car from 1917. A gift to the museum.

Model A Roundabout from 1901, cost was $750 and  top speed was 25 miles per hour.  This car was a gift to the museum.

Stanley Steemer Model R Roadster from 9009, cost was $1350, and it could run on kerosene or water.  The top speed was 70 miles per hour.  This car was a gift to the museum.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost from 1914 at a  cost of  $4800.  Henry  Clay Frick ordered 3 of these for family use and each was  highly customized, which could take up to 18 months in production.

Lincoln  Model K, Sport Phaeton from 1931. Cost was $ 4600. This was one of several Lincolns  that Henry Clay Frick owned during that era.

So that  wraps up my Pittsburgh Adventure.  I left Pittsburgh with fond memories and hopes to return again and see the sights that I missed.   Lastly,  I want  to mention that Pittsburgh has two clear distinctions  over any other city in the USA – it is the home of Mr. Fred Rogers and  also where Henry John Heinz invented ketchup in 1876.  Pittsburgh is home to the H. J.  Heinz Headquarters  and where you can also find  Heinz  chapstick in  4 different  flavors – ketchup, mustard, pickle and 57 sauce. Admittedly  I am a chapstick addict but, no, I could not bring myself to try any of these  flavors.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed!!






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