ORCHID SHOW 2020 at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

February 17, 2020

From now to March 22, 2020 is the annual Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I popped in for about an hour to see the many varieties of orchids set in a peaceful  tropical setting.  It was a wonderful break  from the  cold outside.  Besides the gorgeous and sometimes humorous looking orchids, the floral aroma, alone,  was heavenly and well worth the $5.00 admission. This year’s  theme is “Mayan-inspired” and also  features  moss-covered mannequins  wearing lavish botanical headdresses.

Here were my favorites shots ….

I love this little face!

Are these camo-orchids????

These conjured up images of delicate dancing faeries….

Bird of the day –  the Bird of Paradise, of course.

I love the intricate ruffled lip and….

the dazzling colors.   How rich we are that God gave us  beautiful blooms.


“Try your very best to live in the present moment where your heart beats are.”

by, Bernard Basset, We Neurotics: A Handbook for the Half-Mad, 1962


Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!!







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