The Terry Block Building in 1950 was occupied by a traditional drug store and it’s ice cream soda fountain on the Bentonville town square. In this same building, on May 9, 1950, Sam Walton opened up his original Walton 5-10 store – the forerunner of Wal-Mart Inc . This location is now the Walmart Museum. Visitors will find the 5-10 store complete with the original floor tiles, tin ceilings, an exhibit/artifacts gallery, “The Spark Cafe Soda Fountain” and many interesting tidbits about Sam Walton’s life and the start up days of Waltons 5-10 / Walmart. The Soda Fountain sells Yarnells ice cream, which is the first ice cream that Sam sold.

After Sam passed away in 1992, workers carefully photographed, catalogued, and removed the contents of Walton’s office, even the wood paneling and carpet! The office was reconstructed in the museum exactly as it had been for all to see and reflect. Sam’s dog, Ole Roy, is as famous as Sam Walton and the namesake for the Walmart brand dog food even today. Admission is free.

Humble beginnings can flourish like you can hardly imagine……..

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!!


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