HISTORICAL PELLA, IOWA at the 2022 Tulip Time Festival

The Historical Village ( a collection of 22 buildings) and Vermeer Windmill has preserved Pella’s history . This village is interesting, beautifully kept and touring it is a fun way to learn about the town’s past. The Vermeer Windmill is functional and still grinds grain. Wyatt Earp’s boyhood home is in the village and has very interesting chronological records of Earp’s life. Among other things, there is a church, a farm house, a Dutch bakery, a blacksmith shop, a werkplaats ( where wooden shoes are made), a sod house, and the Heritage Hall which is full of Dutch memorabilia. The top floor of the Windmill has a miniature display of a Netherlands Village as depicted the 1840’s which can be seen when you take the tour. My next blog will show photos of this incredible miniature displa. Besides the Village, there are other points of interest in Pella to see, such as the Klokkenspel which plays music and has mechanical figures that move at certain times of the day. A 1882 Firehouse displays an antique fire engine and also has an old, cold, desolate jail . The Tuttle Cabin is the oldest building in Pella and, down a short path, is the Sunken Garden Park, home to another windmill and a pond in the shape of a wooden shoe. There is more than I can list here. Of course ,there are also colorful tulips every way you turn! I fell in love with Pella the moment I arrived and loved it more and more by the time I had to head for home.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed!!


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