May 16, 2015
This last posting of my May 2015  Germany/Poland adventure  is dedicated to all  the Happy Travelers  who share my addiction  and while loving our home base, we  find  infinite delight in exploring  other destinations.
my kind of cookie
As much as I love to travel, there always comes a time when this cookie has to come home.  Besides all of the alluring  and fascinating  sights I see while traveling, there are  moments that  make me laugh out laugh or pause to ponder….
 I particularly like  Ms. Internet’s  definition of  the Funny Bone:   a person’s sense of humor, as located in an imaginary physical organ.  “photographs to jostle the mind and the funny bone”……..
on the side of building in Gorlitz, unsigned
 porch  in Gdansk – is that bubble gum ?
krakow  in Wawel Hill
I have no explanation for this little cherub in Krakow…..
(but I am curious what he is praying for…)
I have no explanation for angels  with no bodies under a bowl of holy water
Nor for these angels with no bodies  squished under a bowl of holy water…
This is one of those  pause to ponder moments….
just like it sounds (2)
I happened upon a colorful pedigree of kittens in Poland….
Food or fowl ?
just like it sounds
I saw this sign numerous times before I finally sounded -it-out…..
are these the Bank guards
If I  lived in Poland  I would put my money in this bank….
comemorative coins  and I will say no more
A vending machine for Pope-coins?  Really?
brave man  this isn't funny - it's scary!
Not exactly  funny but it made me  catch  my breath and thankful that
I had a job where my feet are on the ground….
DSCF5333   DSCF4077
Always makes me smile to  see a familiar face from home….
very interesting....
This I had to laugh at – confused and directionally challenged…
photo bombed
Lastly, the creepiest photo bomb of the trip.
Thanks for traveling with me!

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