Dachau Memorial Grounds, Dachau, Germany


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sobering day. I toured what they call today the Dachau Memorial Grounds, place of the first Nazi concentration camp, opened in 1933 and in existance until it was liberated in 1945. Of the 30 barricks that once existed, only two are standing today  but the foundation of the other 28 remain.Each barrick had 4 rooms and each room  was designed to hold 50 people, but by the time the war ended there were 500 people in each room.

An abbreviated and informative  account of the history of that time, Hilter and his rise to power,  WWII  and not only about Dachau, but about why so many other camps ( 400 in all)  were also opened was given.  I had a great guide, Nicola,  through Radius Tours. lt reminded me how much I  appreciate the USA.

The stories I heard were not for the weak of heart. 


Prisoners were given a number and color coded as to why they were there. 


the beds


10 toilets per barrick


1 of the 2 still remaining barricks


the foundations of the other barricks


watch towers with electric fences to prevent escapes








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