June  15, 2018

Summer adventure  2018 started  with a  brief couple  of days in Munich before moving onto Austria for a wedding.   The weather in Munich, however,  was not co-operative for vacation sight-seeing. Rainy, rainy and storming was the forecast.  But while dodging  some of the raindrops,  I managed to  walk around the city a bit and take some  random photos of snippets that caught my eye……

The 1st thought of many people when they think of Germany :  sausages.   And, rightfully so because they are  everywhere.  Germany will sausage you to death and Munich is no exception.

Lions – they are everywhere in Munich.  Why?  Because the  lion is the Bavarian heraldic charge  of the former ruling family, the Wittelsbachers,  since the 12th/13th century.  Today – still a symbol of  Munich and Bavaria.

Even fragments of the massive New Town Hall  can tell a story .

A larger fragment of the New Town Hall  and the gray skies that loomed.  Plus a shiny gold  Virgin Mary that sits high above on a column.   Mary is seen as a protector of Bavaria.

Shopping opportunities  are  abundant and bordering  over- whelming.  The Queen, in particular,  likes  to shop at Munich’s  Crabtree  and Evelyn  and takes a moment to greet passersby.

The Hofgarden’s flowers are just beginning to show off their beauty.

The Old Town Hall

Interesting  art on the grounds of one of the universities.  Though in this age of technology – I  think he should be wearing a Fitbit.

The city is also full of beautiful and interesting churches.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Stay  tuned for Austria…..






THE GOTHIC DUOMO in Milan, Italy


October 5, 2016

Milan’s  Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, or better known as  Milan’s  Duomo , is the most incredible and the most  visited sight in the city.  Building began in 1386 but  was not completely finished until 1965.    Being the  4th largest Cathedral  in Europe,  it  can hold 40,000 people.  The  cathedral has  3500  marble statues, with 2/3 of them on the exterior.  The roof  has  135 carved  stone pinnacles,  135 gargoyles  and interior has 52 gigantic and intricately  carved pillars.  Napoleon crowned himself King here in 1805.


The  famous Madonnina, is  the gilded copper statue of Mary that stands on the cathedral’s highest spire of 354 feet.  Mary  was set in 1774 and measures approximately 13 feet tall.


There is also a  replica of Mary  inside the Cathedral.


Much to be seen inside the Cathedral.  Such as the statue of St. Bartholomew –  draped in his own skin, muscles and  veins are exposed. While creepy it  represents  his martyrdom where he was skinned alive.   And that was the beginning of what they did to him.  If you have the stomach for  it – look up St. Bartholomew for more details.


Always interesting what is on display in these history-filled  churches and cathedrals –  I believe this is an Archbishop of the past.


Just a few of the enormous  52 pillars inside the Duomo.


A zoomed -in  shot of the carving on the pillars.  Each  pillar stands  about 78 feet tall.


The ciborium that holds the tabernacle.


An ancient Roman bathtub is used as the Baptismal of the Duomo.


One of the many statues in the Duomo.


The exterior bronze  doors are also intricately  carved and enormous in size.


A walk on the roof was a real treat.


Thankfully  there was an elevator that took me almost to the top – only 78 steps more after that.


Views from the roof…….






and  of the exterior of the Cathedral……



Love those gargoyles!

Just a tidbit  – supposedly gargoyles do more than act as a drain spouts.  They are also  considered protectors and are  scary looking to frighten off evil spirits.  Thus they were  added  to churches and other important  buildings.

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