This is the tiniest Tufted Titmouse I have ever seen!

July 12, 2020

So I  definitely have nestling bluebirds – my first ever!!   After years and years of backyard birding and years of   having a bluebird house where many  birds  except  bluebirds nested in it,   I thought my “first’s”  were probably over.   But this summer’s first is my best ever!!

Mama bluebird could frequently be seen watching  the backyard happenings while  sitting on her eggs.  And once the eggs hatched….



Mama bluebird could be seen all day long,  going to and fro with tasty bugs for her babies.

Daddy bluebird  was always on watch ( and dive bombing me if I came to close ) to protect the nest box and to feed mama bluebird while she was sitting on her eggs, but, once the eggs hatched, however, daddy bird  was rarely seen.

This is one of the nestlings  just a couple of days before they fledged.  What a great experience!!



But bluebirds are not  the only fledglings  that I see in my backyard.  I always have cardinals.

I  find it fascinating how the fledgling cardinals  ” morph” through so many colors before reaching adulthood.

This guy is close  to getting his final colors.

I love the baby birds but grown up birds are always beautiful too, such as this gold finch and …

This red-bellied  woodpecker who  visits the peanut feeder daily.

And I ever tire of seeing  the downy woodpeckers drinking from the hummingbird feeder.


” A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  It knows no law, no pity.  It bares all things and crushes down remorselessly  all that stands in its path. ” from CoverMyFB.com


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Eurasian Sparrows

January  14,  2016

While the human  species was hunkered down  indoors over the weekend  dreading  the ice storm prediction, our little feathered friends had no  choice but to venture out in search of  nourishment.    Here is  a sampling  of the birds that visited my backyard feeders over the weekend.


Gold Finch wearing her winter colors.


Flicker Woodpecker – a daily visitor not matter what the weather.


House Finch waits his turn for space at the feeder.


The Flicker sits among the ice coated branches.


Female Red Bellied Woodpecker –  a regular.


The Male Red Bellied Woodpecker – also a regular.


Lastly  a Cardinal and a Pine Sisken.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and that the  weather treated you kindly in spite of the prediction.

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August 2015

DSCF6291     DSCF6292

My backyard has  built in entertainment.  Such as  the morning  I witnessed the  showdown  between the bossy  Blue Jay and the stubborn  Grackle.  Then reinforcements  had to be called in……

DSCF6293    DSCF6294

And success !   The Grackle  moved on to neutral territory to await his turn for bath time.


Juvenile Cardinal in all her glory.


Juvenile Eurasian Sparrow needs a napkin.


This Red-Bellied Woodpecker visits my suet cage every morning.


Breakfast captured!

send into birds and blooms   DSCF5754

Offspring of the Red Tailed Hawks that nested in my  pine this summer.   At this stage they were as big as their parents but would still cry  to be fed.


Always love the  little Hummingbirds.   This is the male wearing his finest red scarf.

DSCF6356   DSCF6366

The beauty of summer


Time to fly…

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Bird Watching At Home ( A Fill-In When Not Traveling :)

SUMMER 2010 Bird Watching



I’m sure this will fit.

OK, off on a side note,  I  sunk into a no-travel dip after  June of  2010, so I had to find something  different  to occupy some free time.   Looking for simple, cheap (or I thought  would be cheap when I started) entertainment, I decided to feed and watch the birds in my back yard.   Easy to do on day one. Then on day two, the squirrels discovered the bird seed. So, what amateur tips can I pass on?  Trust me, you can try to outsmart a squirrel and waste a lot of time and bird seed, or you can just learn from my experience and go to  the Wild Bird Store ( St Louis, Mo)  and buy a squirrel-proof  feeder.  That’s where the “cheap” part of the entertainment ends. But the squirrel- proof feeders  do work.   Tip # 2:  In regards  to the sack that holds the finch food  -while the squirrels didn’t bother my finch food – I learned  that finch are finicky and they like their food sacks to be washed between usage.  Tip # 3 :  Baltimore Orioles in St. Louis?  Did they lose their way?  Evidently, they migrate through this region  during the month of May and if you hang an  oriole feed  ( looks like a hummingbird feeder only it’s orange with orange nectar) they will stop and  fill up their bellies. I had daily visitors for most of the month   Tip # 4:  Definitely get a wren house and you will be delighted with the spunk and song of these little birds.  Enough reading – please enjoy the  bird watching …..


Beautiful Goldfinch


Baltimore Oriole loves the color orange

and drinks the nectars also


What happened to this little guy’s back end?


Mystery Bird -Can anybody tell me what this is?


Watched this hawk snatch a vole in my yard!!! Yeah!


Hummingbirds always easy to attract.


Coming in for a closer look.

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