Thursday, August 23, 2012


Independence Hall

Thanks to a frequent flyers award  ticket that was burning my pocket,  I am  now enjoying and exploring the historic city of Philadelphia.  Upon arrival, I wasted no time setting out to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were written.  The very chair where John Hancock and George Washington sat, is still there today.  It is awe inspiring.

Among other sights,  I also saw Christ Church where Benjamin Franklin  and, later, George Washington worshipped and the First Bank.


The Liberty Bell – the unpopular side  you never see that’s not cracked.


Does this seem just a bit inappropriate to you?


But a wide range of other patriotic items  for sale…..

Golden Pass Railroad through the Alps

Monday, October 5, 2009

Today was a 4 train, 6 hour scenic train route thru (part of) Switzerland and the Alps. What beautiful country! Besides the Alps at the top and the lakes and streams at the bottom, there were waterfalls in the middle, picturesque Swiss chalets, steep inclines with sharp drop offs, lots of tunnels, LOTS of cows wearing cow bells, the leaves on the trees showing off their fall colors, goats ( high on a hill) :), sheep ( but none painted), and plenty of doe and deer ( makes me want to sing). Mixed in there was just a little bit of altitude sickness I do believe. But no enough to spoil the moments. At the  end of the ride I landed in Luzern, Switzerland which I look forward to exploring tomorrow.


Mountains, Villages, Lakes, oh my….


Look at these Crazy Looking Rock Formations


This guy slept the WHOLE way –

I wanted to wake him up  and tell

him what he was missing!!

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