Day Trip to Mad King Ludwig’s Herrenchiemsee Castle


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our last day trip  and we had blue skies and sun, though still a bit  chilly. First a train ride from Munich to Priem a Chiemsee, then catch a boat ride  to the island  and a 20 minute pleasant  walk to the  Herrenchiemsee Castle.  The setting was beautiful –snow topped mountains suround most of the crystal clear lake and resorts and homes dot the lakeside.

Mad Ludwig  loved to build his castles and this one  was just as grand and ornate as the others. But, as the story goes, he ran out of money and died mysteriously, so it was never finished. The rooms that were completed were ……an optical sensory overload  I’d say – but this was also the castle of a King.  Herrenchiemsee was inspired by the Palace at Versailles, including the Hall of Mirrors.  This Hall,  can be described, but  can never be fully imagined until you see it with your own eyes.  Ludwig also had a “tub” that took 8 hours to fill if he wanted to bathe and a dining table that could be lowered to the kitchen below to be set and then raised back up to him so he would not have to see the servants. It did take about 30 minutes for the lowering and raising each time so I guess he ate a lot of cold food.

Photos were not allowed inside the castle but Internet is the next best thing.

The day was an adventure!


The Depot


Sure, I understand the boat schedule…


Chiemsee Lake


Misletoe in the Trees


View along the Way


Detail at the top of the Castle


photo copied off the internet


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