Cardinal fledgling

July 18, 2018

Spring/summer is such a wonderful time to watch and  listen to the male birds singing their heart out in search of a partner.  Topped off  by enjoying  the fruits of their activity as the baby birds arrive at my feeders.  At first the babies flap their wings and open their beaks begging  to be fed, but  eventually,  and many times  when they are about the same size as the parent, they finally start feeding themselves.

I can’t be sure these are the same cardinal fledgling  but I had numerous  daily visits and could see them  grow, fatten up  and  transform  into the adult version  .

Human’s are not the only species that can have a  a colic.    : )

This fledgling  finch kept begging the juvenile cardinal to feed her…….

and the cardinal finally did!

Starlings  are a nuisance bird , but they are cute when a fledgling.

This fledgling is flapping her wings begging for food.

Juvenile starling with my watering can ghost in the back ground.

This  juvenile blue jay still has her “baby face”.

Hope you enjoyed the baby bird parade!

Thanks for reading!


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