June 15, 2018

Landgut Moserhoff is a “working farm/ petting zoo, /resort” in Penk, Austria, and the destination wedding  location  for my  dear long time family friend.   The  place has  a main house and several  guest cabins, along with a spa room, a chapel and a play house.  There is also a playground,   swimming hole and a hot tub.  Being a working farm there was  also  2 barns, many horses to ride, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and  cats to pet, chickens to chase, and  goats  and  sheep  to watch.  Besides all of the wedding festivities, there so much  to  see and do , that  there was never  a idle moment.

Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful…..

Homey spots to sit and relax…..

Interesting  and ingenious  home crafted items….

This was the main house  and our apartment came with the top balcony you can see that is lined with flowers.

My alpine bedroom  also came with a full kitchen,  sitting area and balcony.

There was a swift  creek swollen with the melting  mountain snow  running  behind the property.

The mountainous scenery, the sound of the creek and the perfect weather was a perfect way to melt away any stress.

The peonies were just starting to bloom….

Farm necessities…..

Blooms and hidden treasures…..

More beautiful scenery…..

Our chariot  awaits  to take all of us  up the  mountain for the  wedding!  Sometimes a  spine tingling ride if you dare look out  and see the drop offs, but  the  smell of the genuine  pine trees was the best aromatherapy  ever.

This was the incredible  setting for the wedding.

Zooming in past the tree tops at the wedding setting…..

Last but not least, meet the newlyweds, Corrinney  and Christian!!!

Thanks to the new husband and wife for such a fun weekend!!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed!



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