Hannibal’s  historic downtown has that warm  hometown feeling  you do not want to miss.  Plenty of places to eat, shop, stroll and explore. Keep an eye out for the many colorful murals displayed on the buildings  through out the town. With Hannibal dating back to 1819, I loved the old,  brick buildings , impeccably  maintained,  inviting and repurposed for today’s time.     Continue another block or two from the historic downtown to the banks of Mississippi River.    Walk the  wonderful paved path  along the river front  or sit a spell on a bench and enjoy the river’s ambiance and the nature that surrounds it.  Weather permitting, take a ride on a Riverboat.  See the larger than life  bronze sculpture of Samuel Clemens as a young riverboat pilot, a career path Clemens tried before becoming a writer.  Relax and  soak in all of the  intoxicating  surrounding beauty.

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