March 13, 2012

 This past weekend, my friend Laura and I went to Kansas City, Missouri to listen to Rick Steves  speak about travel.


Now, I love traveling !    I also love  Rick Steves Travel Guide Books and his Television Travel Show.  Rick’s Travel  Books truly are  a complete guide  for  anyone  traveling in Europe on their own.   So this was my chance to see Rick in person. But I also really wanted to meet him face to face.  The plan?  Make sure Laura and I stood out in the crowd.  So with perserverance ,  along with wearing our custom  “I Love Traveling with Rick Steves” T- shirts  – it  paid off!!!  We got to meet and talk with Rick, have our guide books signed and have a photo op with him! What a thrill to meet Rick and see for ourselves what a friendly, engaging and entertaining person he is.


Then to top it all off, Rick also took photos of the three  of us with his own iphone and  Rick included a  photo of the three of us  in his USA Road Trip Blog, Day 10 and writing ” two women drove four hours from St. Louis for my Kansas City talk and wore T-shirts declaring their love for traveling “through the back door” with my guidebooks”.


To read more about Rick Steves USA Road Trip, log into Facebook and “search” for Rick Steves, then Rick Steves USA Road Trip. Or click on  this link:…

Also, it’s on Rick Steves Website:


We also met, Keith,  his  Road Trip driver and also a  Rick Steves Tour Director. Keith was also friendly and told us how great it was like to work with Rick. I told him to keep an eye out for  my resume…..





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