Samuel Clemens ( 1835-1910), lived in Hannibal, Missouri for most of his boyhood years. It was from these years and the town of Hannibal that gave Twain ideas and models for his writings, such as the Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn adventures. Clemens took the pen name ” Mark Twain” when he began to write in 1869 and quickly grew into a famous author, a humorist and a wise man. Besides his 28 books, and numerous short stories, Twain is also known for his “words of wisdom” such as:
A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”
I am a huge fan of Mark Twain’s sayings! I tried to find a total count of Twain’s “words of wisdom” sayings , and the closest I could figure was over 230.
Hannibal has set up a wonderful tribute and tour to Samuel Clemens’ boyhood years in Hannibal, and the future life of Mark Twain. I took a self guided walking tour of Clemens boyhood home, Becky Thatcher’s home (which in reality is the home of Clemens’ lifelong friend from childhood, Laura Hawkins), Clemens father’s Justice of the Peace Office, Grants Drug store and the apartment above the drug store where Clemens lived with his family for a brief time. There are also statues, a cave, a lighthouse, museums and riverboats to visit that have a Mark Twain (lovingly) twist to them. All are interesting, enjoyable and well done. I only had 2 days in Hannibal and I missed a lot, so plan your time accordingly. Top it off with the charming town of Hannibal and it all creates a wonderful get away!

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