May 5, 2018

While visiting the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan,  an attraction that was high on my list  to see was Nelis’ Dutch Village.  Simply put –  I loved it!

There were lots of blooming tulips, of course….

along with a  Dutch village  atmosphere complete with canals….


and wooden shoes…..

lots of wooden shoes…


more canals….

rides for the kiddos…

a playground, complete with a wooden shoe house playhouse and slide….

a petting zoo…

with ingenious  ways of feeding their baby lambs…

and grown up sheep also….

If you look closely underneath the trough, you will see baby ducklings.  Mama duck laid and  hatched her eggs in the straw there and the new  family  have made themselves right at home with the sheep.

All of nature was a bloom….

in all directions……



“Bread feeds the body, but flowers feed also the soul”  (unknown)

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!

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