April 9, 2014  

Hello from Amsterdam!!!   It is wonderful to be traveling again and this is such a beautiful and interesting city with the canals,  the boats,  the architecture  and more!..  Amsterdam is a friendly city , very walkable  ( we walked 11 miles this first day)  and lots to see.

Can u see me? ……….. I’m standing in the “m”.      “m ” for me !      Sorry –  silliness and jet lag  are an unstoppable combination!


Amsterdam is in full  spring bloom  and its so beautiful!


Tulips and Bikes are a common sight in Amsterdam,  :  )


Besides lots of exploring on foot,  we took an enjoyable canal cruise  which also gave us a good overall look at the city.Image

 One of our interesting  “must sees” was this  very tiny  house, 32 feet x 8 feet, which is  attached to the Oude Kerk ( Old Church),  Oude Kerk  is the oldest church in Amsterdam, built in 1300.  Yes, some one actually lives  in this house,    

I   Image

An unexpected sight was this person riding a camel down the road.  Can’t tell you anymore about it – we were just as puzzled!



Then, after such a busy day, Judy’s feet hurt and she had to buy some new shoes. 

More Amsterdam to come!  Stay tuned!


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