Nurnberg 2011 Christmas Markets


Another Santa Dog!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is probably my last official 2011 Christmas Market posting, as our trip is nearing an end and our last days are planned with other activities.  But Nurnberg’s Christmas Market is known as the biggest, oldest  and best of them all.  I will agree, it was terrific.  It was huge with 180 stalls, a wide variety of items for sale,   lots of yummy food and an over abundance of  the same mulled wine whose aroma fills the air. Since we went early in the day, I  did miss the decorated lights at night time, but  it was also definitely nicer to browse when it was less crowded. Of course, I also had no problem finding  a few things to purchase also.  Which means I will have to decide which of my clothes I will pitch  to make it all fit in my suitcase…….


The Mulled Wines – smells good but its really sweet!


Nurnberg has a Katie Store too!!!





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