November 9, 2018

The  highlight of the festival’s trade show was a  falconer and his 17 birds.   Twice  a day he would introduce his birds,  give a little history about each one and demonstrate the  flying abilities of 2 or 3.   Now when I watched, it seemed most of the birds did not really co-operate, but I enjoyed them anyway!  Here are 13 members  of  his beautiful  bird family………


American Kestrel

Eagle Owl – he was huge!!

I never knew there would so many kids of owls!!

what was Mother Nature thinking????


this is the national bird of Iceland

This was my favorite – a snowy owl  and he was napping  every time I saw him.  The falconer would kiss the top of his head when he introduced him and  explain that the snowy owl was an old guy so he  just lets him sleep.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!



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